5 Reason to go Skydiving

Most people say its crazy to jump out of an airplane, right?  Its thousands of feet up in the air, and you have to attach yourself to a random stranger, who pretty much holds your life in their hands. Yet there are a ton of people who do it and they all can’t be insane, right? I became one of those insane people to jump out of an airplane and its one of those things you can’t really explain, you just have to do it.  I believe skydiving is one of the best experiences in my life so far and here are the top five reasons why I believe that:

My First Jump

1) Conquer your fears – Jumping out of a plane for the first time is like conquering all of your biggest fears and makes you feel like you can conquer the world. It is such a empowering and rewarding feeling, that you want to do something even bigger next time.

2) Adrenaline Rush – When the plane door first opens and the gust of wind takes your breath away and when you put your foot on that step before you leap out of that plane, that’s when your heart is racing, and that’s when your adrenaline is pumping.  This keeps you wired for days waiting for the next rush!

3) Sense of Freedom – Once you jump, all your stress, problems and thoughts go away. You are living in that moment,  thousands of feet away from the ground and your everyday life. You are surrounded by the beautiful sky while flying and you feel weightless

4) Peaceful & beautiful – The ride up in the plane shows you the most beautiful views in that area. Although it may be a little scary and nerve wracking, the fresh air and fluffy clouds leave a peacefulness in the air.  My favorite part is when you leave the airplane,  letting your body fall for minutes, although it doesn’t feel as if you are falling, you feel like you are flying.

5) Equipment and Reliability – With the technology that we have today, the skydiving industry carries the top equipment, which most instructors explain before you even enter the air. This made me feel so much safer when getting in the plane. Although many people have incorrect information about the risks involved, the majority of accidents mainly occur with more-experienced skydivers in high speed induced landings, not because of dis-functioning parachutes.

Overall take a chance and experience something incredible and fun. Create a lifetime memory that you will never forget. I promise you that you wont regret it.

My Skydiving Experience. Yes I wanna go again!


Why Giving Back Is Important

Giving Back
(Image taken from Google)

On March 25th, 2015, Stu McGowan spoke to our capstone class about his lifetime experience dedicating his time by giving back to the community he lived in. His passion about giving back to his community, made him into a successful business professional. It allowed him to make many professional connections throughout the state of Vermont and got his name known within his community. Stu’s helpful hand within the community and positive outlook on life is a very inspiring and motivational story, which I really enjoyed. The best advice I took away from Stu presentation was:

  • Become closer with your town – It could lead to new interest & opportunities
  • Become more known in your community – This can helps build connections for networking
  • Taking new paths = new opportunities – You may learn something new about yourself

I found these viewpoints to be very different from what I’ve heard in the past because normally we are told how to make our professional career bigger and better, and not about helping other individuals in need. I personally think these viewpoints gave our class a different perspective on what we can do after graduation and I hope it’s something you can take away as well.

The Ideal College #Loving#Champlain

Looking back over the past four years at Champlain College I feel extremely blessed to have gone to such an amazing school and cannot image where I would be if I hadn’t decided to transfer in. Attending Champlain College is more than just an education,it has been a lifetime experience that changed my way of thinking in the best of ways.

To start, Champlain has an upside-down curriculum. This puts students into classes that consist of their major right from the start. This allows students to figure out different aspects of their career and helps point them in the right direction.04-IMGP3453

Professors and advisors at Champlain are also a large factor in why so many students succeed after graduation. Each professor is different and makes students think outside the box. Most classes offer hands on activities and projects which help students display different talents. They definitely support us in bringing motivational speakers, business professionals and academic training to our classes. This not only gives us more hands on training for “real jobs” after graduation, but also makes us strive harder as students, which contributes to our professional identity development.

The location, small campus structure, and class size of the college play an important part of the student experience. The sizes of the classes make the relationship between the students and 59719_10152737237895375_37518203_nprofessors more interactive and personal. Professors want to know who you are as a student and want you to participate in their discussions. Having this relationship with them allows you to be more open in discussion with fellow classmates and allows you to feel comfortable talking with your professor about different issues.

Along with the state providing environmental awareness and sustainability, our school follows the states model “the green mountain state.” From no water bottles sold on campus to solar panels on top of the Champlain Miller Center, our school makes you aware of our surroundings. This is something I never realized until I came to Vermont.

From supporting faculty to being environmentally friendly, Champlain College already differs itself from other colleges. And when you think it cannot get any better, you find out that they support and promote international studies! For many students this is huge and Champlain makes it easy. Champlain currently has two campuses aboard, one in Montreal and one in Dublin Ireland. These two programs allow students to get the experience of Champlain College but in a different country. Champlain also allows students to study in a variety of countries through a third party abroad program at different universities. This is what I did in my spring semester of 2014. To read more about my experience, check out my first blog post.


Overall Champlain has given me so many opportunities. It has broadened my scope of thinking and has helped me develop into a young professional. This college helped me realize I could purse my passion and has guided me through my decision, which I never thought would be possible. Going to Champlain has not only made me a better individual it has left me with an experience that changed my life.

Five Reason to STOP Drinking Diet Soda


After conducting a nutrient research project on diet soda, I have concluded five reasons to stop drinking diet soda for our individual health concerns.

1) Studies have shown that individuals who drink diet soda on a regular basic have a 70% increase in consumption of belly fat compared to non-soda drinkers. This percentage of weight gain leads to obesity, heart disease and type two diabetes. The main cause of this weight gain comes from artificial sweeteners.

2) Caramel coloring, which is an ingredient in diet soda, bake goods and soy sauces, has shown a steady increase of lung cancer in mice which is carcinogenic to humans.

3) Aspartame reduces levels of serotonin and dopamine in the brain, which causes a 30% chance of developing depression in average soda consumers. Aspartame is also known to increase the risk of cancer, Parkinson disease and even kidney failure.

4) Too much caffeine can cause adverse reactions such as insomnia, irritability and racing heartbeat.

5)  Soda can lead to Osteoporosis, which leads to depletion of bone calcium. This is also cause by phosphoric acid which causes erode tooth enamel.


Overall diet soda has many health concerns that we are unaware of. Check out this video to see exactly what soda is doing to our bodies!


Study Abroad Returnee Conference

Photo taken from NERC Facebook

On February 28th, I attended the New England Study Abroad Returnee Conference at Boston College. The conference was open to any student who has studied, volunteered or interned abroad in any foreign country. The conference began at 10:00 a.m. with a motivational speaker Aman Ali. Aman was a great entertainer and absolutely inspiring! He really made the audience think about their dreams, passions and what they want from life. His presentation set the mood of determination of following a passion for each individual within the room. I highly suggest following him on twitter, and to check out a small clip from one of his presentations.

After Aman spoke, the conference broke into concurrent sessions of job opportunities and graduate school abroad, followed by an informational lunch, resume critique, and a final farewell.  The conference helped me reconnect with the abroad network and gave me leads in how to pursue traveling in my future career. By working in a one on one session to improve my resume, I was able to make changes that will help me in my search for career employment .


 During this event, I was able to make network connections with international employers and programs. This left me with reliable information, that I can later pursue.  After discussing future plans with one of the presenters, the speaker recognized that my friend and I were Champlain College students. She could not believe we had made a one day trip just for this event. She had also discussed her love and support for Champlain College, and believes its a great school. My friend and I are proud to say we go to Champlain and were glad to hear individuals say great things about our school.

Overall this conference left me feeling more confident to follow my passion to travel and see different perspectives on cultures. The best advice I took from this experience was Aman’s presentation that left me inspired and rejuvenated.  As a young professional I will continue  to strive and work hard to pursue my dreams because they are realistic and possible.IMG_6228

If you have ever studied abroad and feel stuck on where to go next, I highly suggest going to one of these conferences.  For more information Tweet or click here.

Marketing & Data Reflection

On February 17th, David Wynn spoke to our class about his profession at My Web Grocer, also known as MWG. David works as a project manager in digital products. He providesDavid Wynn software for companies like Shaw’s to help them reach consumer awareness. He uses this software to gain and review data collection on a spread sheet. It is then formulated into a report for MWG clients. Many times the clients will overlap in brands, creating a lot of B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) connections for the MWG company.


(Image taken from MWG Website)

My Web Grocer has created a neat system to monitor their clients work effectively. In this systemDavid identifies the problem, takes an action, builds or makes changes from the action, measures the outcome, learns from the data and then continues to expand.  This process gives the team a breakdown of their digital products, letting them change any problems or mistakes before finalizing it with their client. David really supports this method for any type of life style situation.


(Image taken from MWG Website)

In creating effective marketing advertising at MWG, David really believes that when consumers are exposed to a product consistently, they will most likely purchase that product at some point in their life. Data collection and cookies really allows marketers to see what consumers are interested in and makes it easier to attract customers to their product by providing a customer experience, they find memorable.

Overall I found David’s presentation to be very intriguing because he was able to make his audience understand the concept of his profession by using fun examples like a clip from the movie Minority Report. This example was also given in our Big Data book in chapter eight. Although the book goes into more detail, David still made a connection for us by relating his material to our personal lives.  For example David made us think about our future shopping experiences. “How will we shop in the future?”  “How can we get ahead of people?” He said, “it’s all about connecting to the consumers through experiences: relevance, personalization and optimization.”

(Image taken from Google Images)

Some great advice I took away from this speaker was making sure as marketers, we know how data is being applied and staying up to date on it. By having a general understanding and experiences with Google analytics, DCM, IAB and other data sites, an employer will find me more valuable than other individuals.  I will be able to adapt to the fast pace in which digital marketing is growing and it will also help me out with understanding how privacy regulations with consumers, government, children, etc. are evolving.




Whats Trending in Fitness?


 A Tough Mudder  is an adrenaline pumping obstacle course that pushes athletes to new levels of excitement and physical activity.  They are inspiring, motivational and bring a unique event to the fitness world. As an athlete they are pushing your mind and body in every way, leaving its participants with an incredible experience with memories that last a lifetime.

Events like the Tough Mudder are the new innovative trends in fitness and are already outshining marathons and other races. The Tough Mudder events are constantly creating new courses for different levels of athletes but they aren’t the only ones providing these new creative developments. Brands like the Spartan Races, Color Runs and Zombie Runs are also growing throughout the industry. An article from the Los Angeles Times called Big-Money Obstacle Racesdiscuss how these fitness companies are staying ahead of their competitors by constantly staying up to date on consumer demand and by providing a new and unique adventure of a lifetime.

As the fitness industry continues to grow with events like Tough Mudder, I look at different opportunities they have to offer professionally and personally. The article mentioned above is just another reminder on how fast this industry is growing and what potential opportunities can arise from them. One thing I took away from Big-Money Obstacle Races  was the level of course development Tough Mudder will be presenting in the upcoming year.  As both a runner and a student with a minor in the event industry,  I can’t wait to see what this new course has to offer and how this brands is going to continue to grow.

If you want to learn more about the Tough Mudder, check out the link here.